Ivana Villada is a professional classical and contemporary dancer and teacher, with an international career. Started her career in Argentina, then continued her studies in the United States and Cuba. She performed for the Ballet de la Provincia de Salta, the Contemporary Ballet del Teatro San Martín, and the Caracalla Dance Theater in Lebanon. She is now part of the independent contempary dance scene.

Passionate about somatic techniques, biomechanics and neuroscience, always seeking to improve the quality of movement and life of her students, in 2021, Ivana became the first Argentinian SAFE® FLOOR coach certified by MAISON MUNZ .

Settled now in Paris, she teaches the SAFE® FLOOR method to all audiences regardless of their age and physical condition, incluing professional dancers and athletes. She offers SAFE® FLOOR courses in english, french and spanish, in group or private lessons.

Her experience with SAFE® FLOOR


“I discovered the SAFE® FLOOR method, it was a huge revelation. This approach makes wonders, generous wonders. In a few sessions, the chronic pains accumulated in my career, the pains of traumatic events, all these physical and mental sensations disappeared. So I train regularly, because I find an inner vitality and a physical freedom that never cease to surprise me. I feel that I am taking roots. There is another happiness, the ultimate happiness in sharing this with you. "




Performed in Paris by Alexandre Munz, former Principal Soloist of the Berlin Opera Ballet and founder of MAISON MUNZ. This new understanding of movement has been generated in conjunction with the fields of cognitive science, biomechanics, and neuroscience.