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Certified Coach MUNZ FLOOR

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We all have within us little wonders of resources to regenerate ourselves and install a lasting well-being in our daily life. In Europe, the United States, Canada, the general public and high level athletes constantly testify to the extraordinary effects of the MUNZ FLOOR method.


The solutions are well known today and they have nothing to do with treating your muscles, it's finer and at the same time simpler than that.


Whatever your age or your level, you have fascias within you which are only waiting for movements of rotations / counter-rotations, of weight / counter-weight, which make them slide between them. In a few minutes, the regenerative resources are awakened, your fascias self-produce collagen and elastin, proteins that change the texture of your muscles, also called proteins of youth. This movement strategy boosts your immune system and effectively fights inflammation, fatigue and stress. And because it takes a lot of working muscles to generate slow, dynamic spiral movements, your crossed muscle chains are constantly subjected to deep muscle resistance, creating a decompression and protective sheath for your spine.


Indeed the MUNZ FLOOR method has been observed and theorized by scientists, it is also reputed to be an effective solution against back pain, the disease of the century.


I was trained and certified by Mr. Alexandre Munz, the creator of MUNZ FLOOR, a former star dancer of the Berlin Opera Ballet trained at the Paris Opera. MUNZ FLOOR is a multi award-winning practice at the highest level of French and American institutions.

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My experience with MUNZ FLOOR


“I discovered the method MUNZ FLOOR it was a huge revelation. This approach works wonders, generous wonders. In a few sessions, the chronic pain accumulated in my career, the pain of traumatic events, all these physical and mental sensations disappeared. So I train regularly, because I find an inner vitality and a physical freedom that never ceases to amaze me. I feel like I'm taking root. There is another happiness, the ultimate happiness of sharing this with you. »

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